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School VisitsHow much does a school author visit cost?

Short answer: $1200 plus travel expenses.

Long Answer: There are several ways to save money on my author visits to schools.


1. Be in Maine.

I was born, raised, and currently live in Maine. I offer deeply discounted rates to Maine schools. Maine schools, please request a quote for more information.

2. Split me between schools.

A full day school visit offers more to the school, but if that just isn't possible you may split my day with a nearby school.

3. Make books available to students.

This is a great arrangement. I have found that nothing capitalizes on the long term effects of my visits like getting books into the students' hands. I offer my books at discounted rates to school. Many schools pass this savings on to the students, but if funding is an issue you can offer books to the students at full price and use the difference between the discount and full price to defray some of the cost of a visit.

4. Request a free quote.

I know that I just gave you my prices, but when you request a free quote your school's location is noted. If I am going to be in your area for another event, I can let you know about it. Often times this will allow you to take advantage of significant savings.

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