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Q&A about Author Visits to Schools

Here are the Don't-Make-Me-Read-Too-Much answers to some questions about school vists. Links to longer answers provide more detail.


ImageQuestion: What do you do during a school author visit?

A whole-school poetry performance, and multiple writer workshops.

Long Answer: Read full descriptions of the age-appropriate workshops...


Question: How much does a school author visit cost?

Short answer: $1200 plus travel expenses.

Long Answer: There are several ways to save money...


Question: How much do travel expenses cost?

Short answer: It most often ranges between $0 and $300.

Long answer: The good news about travel expenses...


Question: Your rates are lower than many children's authors. Does this mean your school visits aren't as good?

Short answer: No! (Please read long answer).

Long Answer: Occasionally a school will tell me that...


Question: Does this mean you do less than other children's authors during your school visit?

Short answer: No. In fact, just the opposite.

Long answer: Again, I was a first grade teacher for ten years...


Question: Are your school visits any good?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: I think you'll find that I am extremely qualified...


Question: Do your author visits focus more on Enlightening, Inspiring, or Entertaining the children?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: All of my school visits strive...




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