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Large Group Performances - up to 350 students per performance

MOST POPULAR Pre-K - 6 LARGE GROUP SESSIONpoetry performanceLaugh Along Poetry - (preK - 6 grade) 45 min.

Start your school's author visit with a bang. Robert dramatically performs his funny poems and stories with plenty of audience participation. This performance typically kicks off an author visit, and builds an enthusiasm for poetry that can later be capitalized upon in writing workshops.

poetry performanceWicked Good Poetry - (preK - 6 grade) 45 min.

Given to large groups at schools, libraries, and festivals. Many parts are identical to the Laugh Along Poetry performance. This performance simply has more of a Maine focus.

Classroom Presentations/Writing Workshops - up to 60 students per session

writing a
list poemHow to Write Giggle Poetry - (3 - 6 grade) 30 - 40 min.

This session dissects and rebuilds one of the most popular type of children's poetry, giggle poetry. It explains the structure of the poem comparing it to a story structure. Then the various elements of the poem are highlighted, including rhyme scheme, alliteration, hook, humor, and word choice. Participants will then be shown how to assemble all of these pieces in an easy to follow process. By the end of the session the group will have helped to create a giggle poem that may easily be expanded upon after the session.

This new session has quickly become the most popular writing session Robert offers.

writing workshopAct Along - (Pre-K - 3 grade) 20 min.

Group participation poetry. There are a lot of complicated, and difficult ways to teach how to create rhythm in a poem or song. When big scary words like "accented syllables," and "trochaic tetrameter," start being used, students start looking for a window to stare at (or jump out of!) Robert has designed age appropriate movement activities to help student internalize rhythm and cadence without the use of big scary words.

writing workshopThe Bus - (3 - 6 grade) 30 - 40 min.

Ride along and watch the creation of a poem through many revisions to finished poem. Students will learn about Robert's creative process and the revision process by getting a rare glimpse into a real writer's notebook. Along the way, proper use of alliteration, consonance, assonance, rhyme scheme, and cadence will be demonstrated. Also, find out why writing poetry is a great fit for people with a short attention span.

writing workshopActing Out - (4 - 6 grade) 20 min.

By the end of Robert's large group performances children are jumping out of their seats to help act out a poem. This workshop gives children a chance to do just that and learn a few performance tips along the way. Children will learn about volume, speaking speed, and movement as they perform various poems. All of these skills are easily transfered to public speaking.

Question and Answer - (3 - 6 grade) 20 min. Students decide the direction of the presentation. If the class has worked in advance to come up with some creative questions, this open format is very memorable and educational for the students.

Writing Workshops - up to 30 students per workshop

writing workshopCrazy Farm - (K - 1 grade) 20 min.

Children will participate in a rhyming exercise that enhances phonemic awareness. Robert calls this activity phonics in reverse. The rhymes students come up with will then be used to create a funny fill-in-the-blank rhyming poem, while demonstrating the importance of the revision process.

Keynote Speeches

separate fee schedule, call for details

Do It Now - The Power of Words - A motivational speech to inspire writers both young and old. Learn how the power of the written word can help you to set, work toward, and achieve gigantic goals.

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