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Robert visited C. Hunter Ritchie Elementary on March 31, 2008

A special message from Robert Pottle:

Hello to C. Hunter Ritchie Elementary. I can't wait to visit your school. I'll be at your school on March 31, 2008. I look forward to meeting you.

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  • In Pursuit of - This WebQuest will let you explore the world of poetry with authors who have their own poems published. They will give you tips on writing your own poems. You will get to enjoy some of their poems and you will write and submit your own poem. You will help create a multimedia presentation with the poems the group writes.

  • Beware Of Poems - You will be choosing a theme, searching through books and internet sites, and compiling your own anthology of favorite poems.

  • SPEAKING /LISTENING Grade 4-5 - Ideas for using various poetry websites to improve listening and speaking skills.

  • WebQuest - Participants in this webquest will become experts on a poet of their choosing.

  • Education World: Funny-Poem Mobiles - Students find their favorite funny poems -- and write their own -- to hang from smile-mobiles. Student work sheet provided.

  • Performing Poetry - Great tips on how to perform a poem. Learn the importance of varying the pitch, rate and volume of your voice.

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