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mentally representing

"Without the activation of mental representations, no meaning can be present; the potential in the cognitive system lies dormant. The activation of a mental representation initiates processing activity in the cognitive system that may or may not be very meaningful; meaning occurs in degrees." (Sadoski, M., & Paivio, A., 2001, p. 66) 

Working Definition

Mental images and sensory representations are key to comprehending. They act as a bridge between the more concrete strategies of monitoring and repairing meaning and the more subjective strategies of connections and inferences. When mental images and representations are formed they enhance meaning making, and activate prior knowledge that leads to the development of making connections and inferences. The degree to which mental images and representations are made, likely correlates to the degree with which thinking can effectively be shared. Although in the outline form of Strategies for Comprehending mental images does not have as great a number of subsets as other strategies, this is proportionally inverse to its importance in its role in comprehending.


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