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Hooray for Moxie Day! Robert Pottle has done it again, and this time you're going to love being bitten by the Poetry Bug. Learning about poetry has never been so much fun. --Kenn Nesbitt, author of "The Aliens Have Landed!" (Read more praise.)

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MOXIE DAY and Family - A Laugh and Learn Book of Poetry
by Robert Pottle, Jonathan Siruno (Illustrator)

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Perfect Binding - 128 pages (First Printing June 2002)
Blue Lobster Pr; ISBN: 0-9709569-1-6 ; Dimensions (in inches): 7.5w x 9h

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"Mr. Pottle,

I had to take just a moment of your time to say thank you. I have twin daughters and one of my daughters has learning disabilities (ADHD, LD, and OCD) and reading is very hard and frustrating for her. Last month she brought home your book Maine: The Way Life Is and she read the book over and over. Today she came home from school and told me she got to meet you and she had a copy of Moxie Day and Family. Keep in mind that when my daughter normally reads she will pick up a book, any book, and read 1-5 pages then put the book down, but not with your books. My 10 year old read me EVERY poem in Moxie Day and Family today and wanted to do it again but it was bed time. Again thank you for your wonderfully entertaining books. You are so keyed into what keeps the attention and imagination of children I hope to see more books in the future. Thank you again for taking the time for the children."
--C. MacLeod, parent

Moxie Day is a perfect blend of truth and humor. A delightful read for both the young and the young at heart. --Linda Knaus, children's poet

Moxie Day And Family is a rollicking compendium of poetry showcasing the lyrical talents of Robert Pottle, buttressed by the energetic line drawings of Jonathan Siruno. While enhanced with 15 pages of "Poetry Bug" comic strips that amusingly teach young readers about various poetic forms and terms, the primary character is five-year-old Moxie Day and the various poetic forms employed in more than fifty lively poems. I Think I'll Leave My Snowsuit On: Last night I didn't sleep so well./I tossed and turned all night./This morning I was snoring loud/and drooling, what a sight./Woke up to see the bus outside,/waiting in the snow./My sister said, "Hey, snore-o-saur,/come on, it's time to go!"/Put on my snowsuit, boots, and hat/in a hurry scurry dance./Got to school, my faced turned red;/I forgot to put on pants! --Midwest Book Review

A poetry book that entertains and teaches. It contains a wide variety of poetic forms, includes a definition of each type, and combines art and literature in such a way that it will become a favorite of children. I particularly liked the way the Poetry Bug teaches about the wide variety of poetric forms using comic strips (found in the back of the book.) The children reading this book will learn without realizing it. It is so entertaining that I highly recommend it. --Susan Gleason, Yujin Gakuen, Lane Education Service District

This book boldly brings together fun and learning. In his second published work, Robert Pottle, with the help of Poetry Bug, Fly Guy, and the Day family, takes readers on a playful month by month journey into the wonderful world of poetry. Children will love the humorous poems and the comic strips that accompany them. Teachers will be inspired to develop lessons that have their students immersed in the often forgotten literary craft of verse. --Jim Cliffe, 3rd Grade teacher