Another poem from the book MOXIE DAY and Family!

The Artist
From drawing blue bananas, 
my marker has gone dry. 
I'll use my mouth to moisten it 
and give another try. 
My marker's working better now. 
And wow, I love the taste, 
it's surprisingly more flavorful 
than crayons, chalk, or paste! 
Katie starts to giggle. 
I ask, "What's wrong with you?" 
She points at me, laughs and says, 
"Your tongue is colored blue!" 
My tongue is blue! How cool is that? 
I'm artistic and it shows. 
I grab a green, open it, 
and color on my nose. 
Then with purple, pink, and gray, 
yellow, brown, and red, 
I color ears and eyes and teeth, 
I'm Mr. Rainbow Head! 
The teacher looks and throws a fit: 
"Why can't you just be good?" 
It's hard to be an artist 
when you're so misunderstood.
Copyright © 2002, Robert Pottle 
All Rights Reserved