When the Lights Went Out at School
I was standing in the boy's room
when the lights went out at school.
I was lost inside the bathroom
and I felt like such a fool.

I couldn't see a single thing.
It seemed like I was blind.
I didn't dare to move an inch
for fear of what I'd find.

I heard a girl out in the hall.
She said, "Is this the door?"
She walked into the boy's room.
I was frightened to the core.

I said, "You're in the boy's room!"
She screamed and made a dash.
She said, "I must get out of here!"
and then I heard a splash.

I was glad that I had stayed so still.
It all just goes to prove:
When there's no light in the bathroom
you really shouldn't move.

Copyright © 2003, Robert Pottle 
All Rights Reserved