Another poem from the book MOXIE DAY and Family!

What Really Happened to the Unicorns
You know when Noah was a floatin' way on out in the sea,
he was savin' all the creatures, so they could be free.
And here's a little somethin' that you may not have heard,
but my story is the truth, I give you my word.

Spend forty days at sea and you're bound to get thinner,
especially when raw fish is all you're havin' for dinner.
After thirty days of floatin' Noah said, "No more fish.
Tonight I'm gonna have me somethin' else on my dish."

So, Noah was a starvin' as he walked 'round the ship,
and gazed upon each creature with a smack of his lip.
He eyed a hog, a dog, and platypus, but sure as you're born,
the tastiest of them all was the Unicorn.

Copyright © 2001, Robert Pottle 
All Rights Reserved