Another poem from the book MOXIE DAY and Family!

Meathead is our family dog.
Boy, he sure is dumb.
He never has retrieved a stick.
He hides when we yell come.

Meathead is a friendly dog.
He plays with friends of mine.
Once when walking in the woods
we met a porcupine.

Meathead ran and wagged his tail,
off to make a friend.
I ran to try and stop him
'cause I knew how that would end.

I finally got between them
and I hollered, "Meathead sit!"
But Meathead charged full speed ahead,
he wasn't going to quit.

I raised my arms as Meathead jumped.
I wobbled when I caught him...
then fell on to the porcupine,
and quills stuck in my bottom.

Copyright © 2000, Robert Pottle 
All Rights Reserved